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Antonia (Tonny) Moller-Knudsen

August 3, 1923 ~ June 11, 2016

Graveside Ceremony: June 13, 2016 at Brigham City Cemetery


Antonia (Tonny) Moller-Knudsen passed away June 11, 2016 at 5:00 am, in Provo, Utah. She is preceded in death by her husband Niels Fredrik MØller-Knudsen and Granddaughter Tiffany Denise MØller- Knudsen Born Antonia Adriana Hendrika van Dam August 3, 1923 in Roosendaal, The Netherlands. Antonia (Tonny) is survived by her four sons: Gunnar, (wife, Farah) Emil, (wife, Kristine) Henning, (wife, Yolanda) and John, 24 grandchildren, 16 great grandchildren, with Flemming Bundgaard and Elaine (Rosie) Kasch as special, endeared, and adopted children. Tonny led a life that was full of challenges and adventures having been exposed to many countries, cultures and religions. She was the youngest of three daughters born to Hendrik van Dam and Helena (Jansen) van Dam. She was born a few months after the passing of her second sister, Antonetta, who died from Meningitis. Tonny grew only knowing her oldest sister Johanna (Jopy) van Dam Kleerkoper. Life was traditional for this little Dutch girl as she was reared with a strong respect for family, neighbors, and the elderly, a great belief in the importance of education, music, a strong work ethic and a deep love of our Savior. With a college minor in Home Economics, Tonny taught in many Dutch villages and towns. Tonny not only educated the young women, but also adults who had not had the opportunities of formal schooling. Tonny’s pursuits for higher education were halted, by the advent of WWII, and consequential German occupation of The Netherlands. She worked within limits defined by this German occupation. Her son, Henning, is in possession of the remaining fabric of a WWII parachute that, with her creativity and talent, was used to create a wedding dress for a young lady who would otherwise not have had one, due to the poverty created by the war. As we all know, being young and possessing the feelings of invincibility that often accompanies youth, Tonny found herself caught up in the Dutch underground resistant movement during the war. Tonny survived being shot and on another occasion received a broken clavicle and dislocated shoulder after being thrown by the near impact of an English aerial bomb. She assisted in moving anti-German resistance fighters and, downed allied soldiers to safe houses, and then helped smuggle them to safety. At the end of the war, Tonny moved to Copenhagen, Denmark where she met her (later to be) husband Niels, at the Priorvej (LDS) Chapel, which today has been renovated and dedicated as Denmark’s first LDS Temple. Niels and Tonny married, August 7, 1948 and subsequently moved separately to the United States in 1949. In 1951 their marriage was solemnized in the Salt Lake City Temple. They created a life and family in Utah. At the advent of the 2002 Olympics, some of these before mentioned resistance fighters, along with eighteen other individuals she worked and served within various capacities throughout her adult life, nominated Tonny to be a Torch Bearer for the 2002 Winter Olympics. Tonny graciously accepted this great honor and participated while still confined to a wheel chair, having recently had hip surgery. With her extensive knowledge of languages and her commitment to Heavenly Father, Tonny dedicated decades of service to genealogical research and temple work. She especially loved her coworkers and greatly enjoyed using her language skills with people who visited from all over the world at the Golden Spike Historical monument site (Promontory Point, Utah) where she worked for several years as a tour guide. Commitment, love of countries of the world, cultures and respect for God and our Savior were evidenced in the way she conducted herself and lived her life both publicly and privately. Tonny would agree that this is a day of reflection and celebration. In Tonny’s own Dutch accent, we who knew and loved her well can almost hear her confirm this in saying: “Dat’s Da Troot!” You will be missed. Thank you for loving and guiding us Lille Mor! Graveside Ceremony was held June 13, 2016, 11:00 AM at Brigham City Cemetery. Entrusted to Gillies Funeral Chapel, Brigham City, Utah.

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Tonny was a great lady. She helped me learn how to research my Danish and Norwegian family lines and even generously drove me to Salt Lake with her. When Roger was out of work, she brought bags of groceries ("just a little something") We were in a dinner group with Nick and Tonny and several others for many years and enjoyed hearing their stories. Both Nick and Tonny were sweet to our children. She was a good friend.

To Those I Love
by Isla Paschal Richardson

If I should ever leave you whom I love
To go along the Silent Way,grieve not.
Nor speak of me with tears,
but laugh and talk Of me as if
I were beside you there.
(I'd come--I'd come, could I but find a way!
But would not tears and grief be barriers?)
And when you hear a song or see a bird I love, please do not let the thought of me Be sad,
for I am loving you just as I always have.
You were so good to me!
There are so many things to say to you.
Remember that I did not fear--it was Just leaving you that was so hard.

Annette and Roger Handy



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